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Too busy for your health?

Busyness seems to be the norm today. Ask someone, “How are you?” chances are they’ll say, “busy”. How is busyness affecting your health and wellbeing?

Are You Busy Being Busy...?

That you’ve got no time to rest or even sleep properly?

I’ve been there and know how you feel...

This is such a common theme in our modern world today, however, it doesn’t mean it’s a good one.

It’s easy to complain that we don’t have time to rest or that we never get enough sleep.

It’s easy to see why this is.

We’re conditioned to packing out our days with “doing” things. We make “doing” a priority over “being”.

That is...being and living “well”.

Our well “being”.

For those of us who utilise diaries or schedules to organise our days, how much of the items listed are to do with doing something that involves expending energy?

Pay close attention....

Is it 10%? 40%? 70%? 100%?

Now look again over your schedule or diary....

How much of the items you listed include time out for you to rest or sleep?

My schedule use to be crazily busy. I worked 12+ hour days and skimped on sleep. I pushed through each day, not listening to my body and eventually burnt out.


Consequences to your health

It may seem “normal” to live a busy lifestyle, but from my experience and working with my clients I’ve observed how being busy can affect our health, and wellbeing in a negative way.

  • Increase blood pressure.
  • Increase blood sugar.
  • Create muscular tension and tension headaches.
  • Cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, depressed or anxious.
  • Unsettled digestive system.
  • Weaken your immune system.
  • And more...


How to get control of “busyness”

What helped me to get back control with my time, work schedule and ensuring I had time to rest, and sleep was a Default Diary.

There are various names for this style of diary or schedule, but basically it’s where you purposefully schedule in events or tasks you ideally desire to stick to regularly.

Though I didn’t stick to it religiously, it helped me to discipline myself to get into a healthy routine with my rest and sleep.

So, you schedule in on your default diary dedicated time for your activities, travel, making meals, getting ready for the day, as well as times for resting and sleeping.

Maybe you’re saying, “Well, I don’t have time to rest.” Or “Going to bed early is a luxury.”

Here’s the thing...

If we can easily find and create the time to “do things”, we can easily find, and create the time to rest and sleep.

It all depends on what we consider to be a priority in our lives – our health or getting things done?


About the author:

Lillian Lartey is a Health, Nutrition & Wellbeing Body Coach. Her business - I Want My Body Back – is dedicated to helping busy men and women people to manage their physical health, and wellbeing, so they can fulfill their life purpose. Lillian has worked in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry for over 18 years, and works with people face-to-face, as well as online. For more details go to iwantmybodyback.co.uk